A 501(3C) committed to the preservation and
enhancement of Portland International Raceway

FOPIR is a 501(c3) nonprofit that was formed in 2006 by a group of five individuals who believed that a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting PIR would provide valuable continuing benefits to the track, its user groups, the City and its Parks Bureau, and the community at large.

FOPIR is led by a diverse volunteer Board of Directors, that has a balanced representation of individuals with varying disciplines and interests.

FOPIR strives to maintain an open dialog with the broader community within the Portland region through meetings and other interactions which are all aimed at establishing a relationship of mutual respect and can serve as the foundation for moving forward to find solutions to common problems. FOPIR is confident that continued collaboration with the community can lead to greatly improved relations between the community and PIR, to the benefit of all parties.

Our board and its members (Friends) are supporters of the current facility and are interested in the preservation of the facility and creating additional uses to enhance community livability. The long term goal is to assist PIR in becoming a financially sustainable and ongoing operation that expands the scope and reputation of PIR.

Mission Statement

Preserving and enhancing PIR as an accessible recreational facility for those who use it as both participants and spectators. FOPIR will exhibit stewardship in sustaining and expanding PIR's civic contribution as a public recreational area in North Portland. We will provide guidance and support for the management of PIR in a manner that assures its ongoing value to the community as a venue for all forms of recreation and entertainment.

Kites and Cruise-Ins at PIR